Follow the Water

Today I travelled down to Vines Park in Droitwich to meet some creative types (and the highly artistic Billy the dog) for a walking and creativity workshop. As part of The Ring‘s 21 Miles project, I have been engaging people with the waterways of Worcestershire (on and offline) thoughout the summer. Taking the theme of follow the water, we spent some time by the waterways to spark our inspiration. After a short briefing in a local pub, we wandered between the canal and River Salwarpe, pointing out things of interest.

Some people were interested specifically in one artform, others in some simple creative time. For 90 minutes we walked, looked, chatted, photographed, wrote, drew and daydreamed.

Personally I was drawn to marks around the waters edge, such as the one made by the water level line. I also collected images of graffiti, texture and reflections.


For the workshop I had prepared some prompts, which I’ll share with you here in case any readers want to use them for inspiration:

• Follow the water, trace the water’s edges and let your mind flow.
• Let go of the end goal, water doesn’t care where it is going, it just flows. Capture something, even if it’s the beginning of something creative. Notice what captures your attention and follow it.
• What do you see, hear, feel, touch, taste? How does the air feel on your skin today? What texture is the water, what texture are your feelings?
• Look for scraps of language, signs, posters or lettering on a drain cover might inspire you to start writing or drawing a picture inspired by the words in our everyday environment
• Water is a constant part of our landscape, draw a picture of the landscape you see on paper, in a photograph or describe it in words
• Listen to and feel the rhythms. The beat of today, the pace you are walking at, the speed at which the water moves. Notice movement, your own and that of the unfolding world around you.

I’m really looking forward to receiving entries from today’s group. You still have until September 30th to enter the 21 Miles competition, so be sure to make a little time for some #artonthewaterways this month.

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