Haptic Poetry

Haptic: any form of nonverbal communication involving touch (from Greek ἅπτω = ‘I fasten onto, I touch’).

The wondrous Wikipedia tells me there is even such a thing as haptic poetry:

Haptic poetry, like visual poetry and sound poetry, is a liminal art form combining characteristics of typography and sculpture to create objects not only to be seen, but to be touched and manipulated. Indeed, in haptic poetry, the sense of touch (and, to a lesser extent, the other senses) is equal to, if not more important than, the sense of sight, yet both text-based poetry and haptic poetry have the same goals: to create an aesthetic effect in the minds of the intended audience.

It is quite magical when you have been creating along certain lines, then discover those lines have been following invisible tracks of a ‘thing’ that already exists. Like finding community or tapping into a shared consciousness.

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