Textual Transformations #2

0It has been some time since we last saw our friends. Quietly, steadily, they have been continuing their journey.

7Too soon to name what is happening, delicate dreams flutter across way-weathered skins. New sensations and feelings rise to the surface.


Tiny rips and tears in the exterior begin to reveal the stories they have carried for so long.


Some of the emerging stories are precious gems, messages worth carrying down that long, hard road.2Yet some are old stories no  longer needed. Ones to be retold or left behind in the dust. 6

A dramatic and unexpected turn in the path. All these threads of history peeking through cause a heart-wrenching rip in the surface. A swift slice through the outer self leaves this one exposed in stark vulnerability.


What will become of these wandering companions, naked interior torn out for all to see? What new tapestries will their narratives weave without those old shells? The next chapter may give a clue. Until next time…





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