Make Do and Mend


As if a sheet of cotton were suddenly ripped in two, I am torn  
both fantasy and reality. My soul has stitched itself so closely 
to this idea
that unpicking renders the edges of this fabric altered.

Frayed and imperfect, love is never new and neatly pressed.

Real relationships are mended and repaired, their history traced
through the patching up of hearts, hopes darned onto new realities.

Keep making,

do not fear the sharp point as it pierces a new threshold.

With the lightest of touch, let us feel our way into new loving.

Image: Japanese ‘Boro’ textiles. Boro means ‘tattered cloth’ and is the term given to heavily patched and repaired indigo cotton – mostly bedclothes, futon covers and fisherman’s jackets. Some have been repaired so many times that the original material is barely visible.

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