NaPoWriMo day 14


This poem a day lark is not for me. My non-wordy side is resisting the daily thing and I am mostly in a dyslexic sulk. My visual work is suffering as a result! I am however working on some kind of poetry every day, even if not writing a whole poem. It is pleasing that I now have enough to read at my first open mic next month, so I shall aim for that and happily admit NaPoWriMo failure and scurry off back to my little studio of lovely tactile colourful things. I will however carry on with it in my own way, and post something poetic, even if it’s not a poem.

I did manage a wee verse tonight about the blood moon, which I believe we won’t see in it’s full glory in the UK…but we can imagine.

Blood Moon

The blood moon blossoms
like a crimson stain in the sky,
seeping through shadowed
clouds staining the cloak of night.

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