Walking in New Directions

After a busy summer assisting on a 10 week summer school at Bridge House Art, I have some long, precious days to retreat and focus on artwork. This space between is rich with gorgeous spaciousness and quiet. Every day I go down to the river and draw, write or simply sit.







It’s amazing how a step back from one’s own practice can help you change direction. I feel myself drawn back to image-making, drawing, and the process of painting. I’ve been incorporating my love of texture and surface into images that use collage, paint and writing. My textile-y inclinations step ever so slightly into the background, but look out for more Weaving Poetry creations later in the year. Here is a little glimpse of new things:



I’ve also been having fun with paint and footprints. At the weekend a painting that isn’t working was joyfully walked over! Where it wants me to go next I’m not sure, but time will reveal all.


In just a few days my nomadic feet will be wandering back down South for the winter. Slowly, gratefully, I say a fond farewell to Scotland, and this very special community for the time being…although I am already being beckoned back next year 🙂



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